2023 Holiday Shut Off Times & Arrangements

With the festive season and the close of the year fast approaching, it’s crucial to be aware of key dates and cutoffs to maintain seamless operations. Digital Service Providers (DSPs) require content submissions prior to the holiday season and year’s end. Therefore, it’s essential to have all your tasks in order. Remember to note these dates to guarantee that your releases are submitted and go live as scheduled.

Deadlines for new music submissions

If your release date is December 1st – December 15th, Submit your release to us by November 10th.

If your release date is December 16th – December 30th, Submit your release to us by November 25th.

If your release date is December 31st – January 14th, Submit your release by December 9th.


Amendments can be made up until 20th December and will re-open on 4th January. Any urgent requests can be made via [email protected], however the response times may be up to several days.

Label Statements

We provide label royalty statements on the 1st of each month. If you have just started releasing with us, your first statement will be 60 days after the end of each month.

  • ​Sept 2023 statement will be on 1st Dec
  • Oct 2023 statement will be on 1st Jan
  • Nov 2023 statement will be on 1st Feb and so on…

Marketing Updates

Please make sure that these are submitted no later than 19th December for any releases between then and 10th January. Feature submission form.

Fast tracking after Jan 6th

We are happy to fast track any releases that have been submitted to an earlier date of your choosing. This option will be available by email request after 6th January 2024.

Cygnus Music offices closed

  • CLOSED: December 21st 2023 to January 3rd 2024.
  • Our offices reopen on January 4th 2024.

Support & Staff

During the specified closure dates, our staff and support team’s activity and responsiveness will be limited. We will strive to address your support inquiries to the best of our ability however emails response times will be significantly slower (2-4 days). We suggest consulting our label resource pages before making a request for assistance. Office phone lines will be closed.


Payment times over the shut down period will be as follows. 

  • PAYMENTS CLOSED: 21st December 23
  • PAYMENTS OPEN: 4th January 24

Cygnus Music Shop Closed

  • CLOSED: December 15th 2023 to January 3rd 2024.
  • Reopen on January 4th 2024.

Urgent Issues

We request that only urgent issues are marked as urgent in the email subject header when messaging [email protected]. Will then endeavour to help to resolve these as quickly as possible. Please note that some DSP’s will not be accepting metadata updates during the holidays.