DJ Mixes on Spotify



  • The label must own or have license to all tracks in the mix.

  • At least 1 primary artist at release level must have a minimum of 25,000 monthly playcounts and/or a minimum of 4,000 followers on Spotify.
  • The label should be generating a minimum of £400 per month on Spotify (unless in pilot scheme).
  • The mix must not be used on any other platform and is exclusive to Spotify.
  • Mixes are capped at no more than 1 every 3 months for now.
  • If non-label content please complete this form.

NOTE: Cygnus Music does not deliver DJ Mixes as a single audio file.

This is a Pilot scheme that will be rolled out further at a later date.

Mixes must be discussed with a member of staff at Cygnus Music prior to being uploaded.


  • Each track must have – Mixed after the track title.
  • Must credit all artists at track level.
  • Must include (DJ Mix or Mixed) in the release title.
  • The mix must contain 1, 2 or 3 primary artists at release level. (ie: not be Various Artists)
  • The mix should be around 45 mins to 1.5 hour long*
  • Track lengths no less than 40 seconds*
  • Select the SPOTIFY ONLY distribution list upon submission.

*Maybe subject to change

Metadata Example

Release Title: Serum presents Souped Up Mix Series Vol 1 (DJ Mix)

Release Level Primary Artist: Serum

  • # 1 Artist: Serum / Title: All Ganja Man – Mixed
  • # 2 Primary Artist: Serum | Voltage / Title: 8-Bit VIP – Mixed
  • # 3 Primary Artist: Serum / Title: Lumberjackin’ – Mixed
  • # 4 Primary Artist: Original Sin (Primary) /  Title: Headshot – Mixed
  • # 5 Primary Artist: Lynx | Kusp / Title: Rap Dude – Mixed

Tracks titles must have – Mixed after them.

and so on…

DJ Mixes Spotify Note

In conversation with Spotify they said “We do not have any formal update to our style guide for DJ Mixes as of now. We still recommend uploading as a single release with multiple tracks. Attaching what we are planning on implementing for DJ Mixes in our Metadata Style Guide as it may help, though it may change in the future.”
Attached:  DJ Mixes & Continuous Mixes – MSG Update
  • Products that are DJ Mixes/Continuous Mixes must not be delivered as a single audio file. The
    album should be composed of mixed tracks that sequentially make up the mixed product.
  • Products that are a collection of tracks by different original artists mixed together or compiled by
    a single mixing artist, must list the mixing artist at product level as a main artist. Do not use
    Various Artists as the artist name.
  • Products that are a collection of tracks by a single original artist mixed by different artists, must
    list the original artist at product level as the main artist.
  • Products that are a collection of tracks by a single original artist mixed by a single artist, must
    list the original artist at product and track level as main artist and the mixing artist at product and
    track level as a main artist.
  • Album version title information for DJ/Continuous Mixes must include “DJ Mix” or “Mixed”.
  • Track version title information for DJ/Continuous Mixes must include “Mixed” after all other
    version information.
  • Version titles must be entered without formatting, e.g. Mixed, instead of [Mixed]. To enter multiple version titles, put each version title in a separate field, instead of listing multiple versions in one field.
  • Various Artists must not be credited as an artist on track level.

At Cygnus Music we will do everything to the letter, with checks and careful diligence however, Cygnus Music cannot guarantee how Spotify will respond to any mixes uploaded until their style guidelines are given to us.  The label accepts these risks until Spotify issues their style guidelines.

NOTE: Tracks must not be pitched through Spotify for Artists.



You’ll need no licences for this.

This is done through Apple Music podcasts.

  1. You’ll need a host for the mix.
  2. Get the RSS feed. (This can be done from Podbean, BuzzSprout or SoundCloud)
  3. Go to iTunes Connect, podcasts connect.
  4. Paste RSS feed and validate.
  5. Wait a couple of days for it to activate.
  6. You’re ready to go!
Dubset : If you find references anywhere to a company called Dubset offering DJ mix distribution to Spotify and Apple, this company no longer offers this service. (They were purchased by Pex for their catalogue and technology)