How does it work?

No up-front fees Submit your music We do the rest
We are committed to your success, so our fee works on a commission basis that reduces as you earn, down to as low as 12%. The more you make, the less we take. Simple.
Introducing our online
label accounting services
Distribution customers get easy online access to their monthly royalty statements, as well as a host of tools to help make their label & artist accounting as simple as possible.

  • Monthly label royalty statements with easy filtering, sorting and exporting
  • View product and sales stats summaries for an overview of your product and track sales data
  • Quickly set artist royalty splits and create and export artist statements
  • Bulk export artist statements & generate summary reports
your label management
Our flagship online system provides all the tools you need to stay in control of your music.
Check out the Label Management System
  • Choose your release dates, upload your audio & artwork and distribute your music worldwide.
  • Order mastering, design & press release services from our Shop.
  • Keep track of daily estimated sales from iTunes, Beatport & Juno.
  • View your label accounts and filter & export royalty statements.
  • Add and manage permissions for all team members associated to your label.
  • Request Payments from your label account. All payments will be sent within 2-3 working days.

"Releasing music with Cygnus Music is just the best thing you can do. They are kind and helpful people who do excellent work. Thank you Cygnus Music!"

- Lee 'Scratch' Perry & Iguana
It's good to be different
As industry professionals, we know what makes the difference between a good service and a great one.


If you run an established label, we can make the move to Cygnus Music as seamless as possible.

  • Negotiable commission rates.
  • Manage transfer of your back-catalogue.
  • Advise on re-packaging your catalogue, and re-releasing content.
  • Provide an advance of sales to help your business grow.

See more on Moving your label


Juno, Beatport & Traxsource Specialists

As a Dance Music specialist, we have direct and personal communication with staff at Beatport, JunoDownload and Traxsource. Our repertoire often receive features, reviews, banners and takeovers.


Our Daily Sales system tracks estimated sales and provides analytics so you can keep track of how your music is selling.


With our Roster tool you can submit your tracks for PPL registration, and collect your performance royalties with ease.


We can deliver your music to Content ID systems to protect your tracks from piracy on YouTube, SoundCloud and social media sites.

We can also deliver content to Shazam to ensure your fans can find your music on legitimate sites.


Cygnus Music SmartLinks & Spotify Pre-saves

Promote your releases with one convenient link using Cygnus Music SmartLinks.

  • One week before release date receive a Spotify pre-save.
  • Auto follow on Spotify release date.
  • One link to share with your fans for every release.
  • All the top store links on one page.
  • Help fans find your music on their favourite service.

"I cannot overstate the professionalism Cygnus Music has demonstrated in their dealings with me. They have worked to the highest standard at every stage." - David Boomah

In addition to all the above, Cygnus Music distribution offers many benefits to all our clients.

  • Offer Shazam deliveries
  • Set up your Beatport account for free
  • Offer you tailored delivery on Ring Tones
  • Offer iTunes pre-orders
  • Setup iTunes Instant Gratification (Upon request)
  • Monetise content on SoundCloud
  • Protect your content on YouTube
  • Send you Pre-Save & SmartLinks for each release
  • Submit your releases for store features & playlists
  • Provide you with expert advice on PR
  • Offer customized distribution lists
  • Offer Beatport pre-orders
  • Provide you with YouTube royalty collection
  • Collect your PPL royalties on request
  • Offer BACS, PayPal, and int payment
  • Provide Spotify URi’s for PreSave
Community Music

Official distribution partner for Community Music

"I have been working with Cygnus Music for some time now, and the service they provide is the best I have experienced.
If you are a Label or artist looking to take it to the next level then look no further"

- Optiv - C4C | Red Light Records