We are Cygnus Music
A UK based digital music distributor with global reach

Our team have been working as label managers, producers, performers, artists and entrepreneurs within the music industry for over 2 decades. Cygnus Music allows us to use our combined wealth of experience to help established companies grow, and get start-ups off the ground and generating revenue.

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Expand your reach with our huge network download stores, streaming sites, and content ID services.

Create and grow your brand with the help of our professional designers and writers.

Use our online system to manage your catalogue, distribute your music and view your latest sales.

We're here to provide support and professional advice to help you get the most from selling your music online.

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"Running a label for 10+ years, all you can ask for is a distributor that cares for your catalogue, artists and future as much as you do. Working with Cygnus Music has given me the peace of mind any label manager wants.”

We deliver music across a huge network of download stores and streaming sites, giving you the international reach needed to help your business succeed. We're always forming new partnerships with digital retailers to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry.

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Dread MC
“I really love working with the guys at Cygnus Music, they have helped me and Crissy Criss out massively and I look forward to growing our labels with them.”






With Cygnus Music you gain access to our flagship in-house Label Management System, which you can use to schedule releases, distribute your music and manage your catalogue with ease.

Designed and built by musicians and label owners so it's simple, intuitive, and trusted by some of the biggest brands in the industry.

See our Label Management System

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MC Eric | Me One (Technotronic)
“Cygnus Music are a great company to run a label with, I feel confident pushing my own music and the labels music through their services.”

"Big ups to Cygnus Music each & every single time, always delivering a great and professional service. We look forward to working many more years with Cygnus Music!"

"We have loved working with Cygnus Music and their excellent roster of labels over the past 11 years."

"Cygnus Music are always working hard to ensure their labels get maximum support and exposure. Their label roster features some of the most exciting brands in dance music today, this is testament to the service they are offering."

"We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to launch a label, their existing roster of labels and artists should be a testament to their excellent level of service!"


We can provide help and advice on everything from how to formulate a marketing plan for your releases and label, to best presenting your products to stores when you sell music online.

We can help Establish your brand

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The Revolution
“I can only give 100% props to the Cygnus Music team, they have worked for my label like no other company has done.”
Other services include...


Professional post-production, bringing clarity and dynamics to your tracks

Cover Art Design

Stunning artwork for digital releases, podcasts or social networking sites

Logo Design

Striking 2D and 3D logo designs to make your label or brand stand out from the crowd

Press Release

Professional Press Releases designed to present your content at the highest level.


We genuinely care about our clients and feel that customer service is, and always will be our top priority. We are always around to provide you with help and advice, and offer an immense amount of knowledge and experience from our collective years in the music industry

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