Important Note: This is not a store, this is a licensing platform. For this reason it is an ‘Opt In’ service on the label management system. If you opt in, content creators on YouTube and social media can pay a fee to use your music in their videos.

Backcat: In order to have a full back catalogue delivered to new DSP’s, we need to see that labels are already generating an amount of revenue from their back catalogue on other stores. We generally say around £200 per month as a minimum.


Who Are LICKD?

Lickd is the world’s first claims free, commercial music licensing platform for social video creators.


NEW DSP’s EMAIL 10/02/22

The Market

There are currently 5M+ content creators on YouTube who earn their salary or supplementary income from the content they post on YouTube.

This is the most influential demographic on the platform and they actively avoid using commercial music for fear of getting a copyright claim and losing 100% of the revenue generated on that video.

By enabling legal licensing via the Lickd platform, rights holders are opening up an entirely new revenue stream by allowing the biggest creators on YouTube access to your music.

Your User Generated Content revenue remains unaffected as Lickd targets a market of creators who have been unable to use commercial music. Lickd call this Creator Generated Content.

Creator Generated Content accounts for 90% of all views on YouTube, despite only being made up of 3% of total channels.

This means your true User Generated Content revenue on YouTube is only coming from 10% of all views. The Creator Generated Content sector is going through a period of exponential growth and is currently increasing 20% year on year.

The Platform

The Lickd platform allows creators to find, audition and license music in under 5 clicks.

The Lickd library is full of music that was previously unavailable to this sector of creators.

Lickd proprietary software, Vouch, clears any attempted YouTube Content ID claims only when a video has a corresponding license from Lickd.

How Is it Policed?

Lickd enforce strict and effective terms and conditions, and a video can be blocked at any time by Cygnus Music or Lickd. Lickd will not license lyric or packshot / artwork videos, and restrict many other uses.

How to ‘Opt In’

When creating a release select ‘Yes’ to ‘Allow to Lickd for licensing to YouTube creators‘, this will be confirmed on screen.

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It will also be confirmed at the release overview page.

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