World class music & media services.


Digital music distribution
Sell your music & media online


Professional mastering
Gain exposure with top level PR campaigns


Professional mastering
The essential step for quality sound


Graphic design and creative services
Stunning design & press kits


Graphic design and creative services
Protect your content from piracy

Cygnus YouTube network

YouTube partner network

Partner your channel with us to make more revenue from YouTube and increase exposure of your content.

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Welcome to Cygnus

Cygnus is an independent company that was created from the ground up with one sole purpose - to provide a range of services for record labels, media companies and artists that are not only transparent, but effective.

We pride ourselves on always putting customer support first and helping our clients make the most out of their products.

All of our staff have worked in the music and media industries for many years, so we know what established companies need and want to grow their business’, as well as what’s needed to get start-up's off the ground and generating revenue.