Statement Overview Page

  1. To access the ‘Statement Overview’ page go to ACCOUNTS and click on your label.
click acc

2. You’ll now find your ‘Account Transactions’ page which is a running ledger of transactions on your label account. Click on ‘Overview’ to access the ‘Statement Overview’ page for that accounting period.


At the top of the ‘Statement Overview’ page you’ll find 4 icons:

  • Statement overview – Current page
  • Label statement – This will open a detailed breakdown of your monthly revenue
  • Product summary – This will open a page showing you how much each release has made in a summary format
  • Artist statement/Artist summaries – This takes you to artist accounting and royalty splits
  • Top Left Drop Down – Switch between labels

Scroll down the Statement Overview page to see a summary of royalties for the month and you can access each of the pages listed above using the coloured buttons. You can use the dropdown menu to switch between months going back to Feb 2021. For earlier month go back to the Accounts Transactions page.


The ‘Statement Overview’ page is available for the accounting period Feb 2021 onwards. Months prior to that will be in the previous ‘Sales Summary’ format.