Moving Your Label to Cygnus Music

Whilst it may appear that it’s a lot of work to move from one distributor to another, it’s something we’re extremely versed in. Every week labels move over to Cygnus Music and whether a label has ten releases or five hundred releases we can put a simple and personalised plan of action together. Please allow a timeline of 2 to 4 weeks when moving a label.
DSP Heads copy

1. Complete our application form. Once accepted, you’ll have full access to our label management system and can schedule new releases whilst we co-ordinate the move. We approve the move and agree a timescale with you.

2. Liaise with your current distributor. Inform them of the timeline and that no content should be removed from stores until you instruct them. They should provide you with your back catalogue and full metadata sheet. Check this metadata carefully.

3. Complete the Cygnus Music Metadata Sheet for label move form. OPEN FORM HERE and make a copy. Transfer all of the metadata from your label on to this form.

Send us a link with your full catalogue and master metadata sheet. Releases should be in folders named by their catalogue number, and contain 16 bit WAVS and cover artwork. Email this to [email protected].

4. We ingest your labels catalogue in to our system. This will take between 1-2 weeks depending on the catalogue size. You will be notified once this has been completed and asked to check over the import. 

5. Once signed off we start deliveries. We match your catalogue on DSPs to maintain play counts and any playlisted content. We also move over any Beatport & Juno accounts which will require authorisation from your previous distributor. Allow 1-2 weeks for this process. 

6. Once the content is matched your previous distributor can be contacted. You can now tell your previous distributor to remove your catalogue from stores. This will remove the copies of the catalogue your distributed with them, with the Cygnus Music copies remaining.


We look forward to working with you, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.