Professional post-production bringing clarity and dynamics to make the most of your sounds.

With over 20 years industry experience working with some of the biggest names, we pride ourselves on delivering top quality masters to improve clarity, definition & depth of recordings.

Our mastering engineers...

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Luke Fletcher

Luke Fletcher has over 20 years mastering experience, and has worked in all aspects of the industry. He has worked with labels including Creation Records, Cooking Vinyl, BMG & BMC and contributed to Sound on Sound Magazine. With full analogue and digital technology at his disposal, Luke brings his wealth of experience to create high quality studio masters.

Charlie Bierman (aka break)

Charlie has produced electronic music for the last 17 years. Known his for Drum & Bass production as the legendary 'Break', but having worked on projects of various genres, Charlie has an eclectic musical taste and knowledge of modern and classic alike. His experience with the club sound lead to Charlie's masters and mixdowns being some of the fattest and smoothest around.

Louis 'Lockjaw' Fourie

Louis Fourie has been involved with music for 15 years, most notably for his work in drum & bass as "Lockjaw". Exceptionally acquainted with the nuances of the genre, Louis has worked with some of the scenes biggest names and labels. His education including jazz performance, classical training and production results in huge masters and mixdowns, tuned to precision.

Drew 'Villem' Wilson

Having released on some of the scenes biggest labels such as Metalheadz & Hospital and mastered for the likes of Ram & Spearhead Records, his wide range of production styles make him one of the most versatile mastering engineers in the game. Gaining a reputation for loud, dynamic and warm masters. His ethos aligns with ours at Cygnus Music; client satisfaction is first and foremost.

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